Frequently Asked Questions

As the saying goes that He who can does, he who cannot, teaches. Do you really trade on a exchange? If so, why do you need to organize these online classes where you reveal your know-how?”

The vast majority of traders’ “gurus” teach, when it comes to the crunch, they are not able to report their profits. They seem to be not so successful as they are presented by themselves. They even do not live trade on the exchange at all. However, we openly write about our long-term results in our articles we publish here.

The leader of Petr Tmej says: “I managed to assess my brokerage account by 71.8% in 2013, by 21.1% in 2014 . This is an average annual appreciation of 46,45%. Then I stopped retail trading in 2014 and immediately started live trading within our Quanton Solutions hedge fund, where me and my team trade with 5 million dollars nowadays. Thanks to our great results I am can proudly say, that this amount should also significantly increase in following months. We are currently trading with our own capital to build a track record. We trade strategies made by genetic programming for futures markets (stock indices, energies, grains, metals) as well as automated trading strategies for stock markets. We executed 2392 trades on various markets and we earned 14.26% from October 2015 till end of January 2017. As I said we compose the portfolio for having maximum risk under strong control. So the results are very good and according to our expectations.” 

You can see all of Peter’s statistics below:

Would you like to see Peter’s results including the account statements from the broker in verified form? Please contact us at: Since these are sensitive data we do not want to publish them openly on the website.

There are another reasons why we also organize training in addition to our live trading on the exchange:

1) We regard trading primarily as a long-term investment. Thus, be aware that your equity capital traded in the markets is a means of making more money. If you constantly withdraw money from your brokerage account, your earnings will not grow exponentially.

2) Lecturing is one of our life’s missions. It’s our job. On the other hand it is also some kind of a passion at the same time. We enjoy talking to new people, because we also learn from their questions. Nothing will make us more happy than when we get know from our clients they have succeeded in trading because they have grasped the issue of algorithmic trading for the right end. This link contains references of some of our satisfied clients.

3)Thanks to our training activities we went out on a limb. This has helped us to meet a plenty of interesting personalities and traders who have moved our trading potential and business activities forward. Similarly, this has brought us lot of new challenges  we like to rise to them.

“Is it possible to take part in your course as a complete beginner who has no experience with algorithmic trading strategies (ATS), TradeStation, nor Adaptrade Builder?”

Of course, complete beginners who have no experience with ATS are welcome too. However, the issue of the robustness testing and the high-quality ATS portfolio is more suitable for advanced students. Nevertheless, the “SUPERIOR” variant of our course provide both beginners and advanced a complete package of  necessary information you to need know about algorithmic trading.

However, I emphasize that the prerequisite for online class participation is the orientation in the fundamentals of how to stock markets function in general. If you do not know the difference between long and short positions, the principle of buying and selling futures contracts, etc., you can not be prepared well for this course. In such a case, it would be useful to familiarize yourself first with our Handbook of Successful Exchange Trading. Just register here and you will get the access to download it in your account.


“And why should I be interested in the SUPERIOR online class?”

Regarding SUPERIOR online class we regard it as the most complex and useful solution for a majority of our clients. Professional trader and hedge fund co-founder Petr Tmej will teach you how to create your own algorithmic trading systems using genetic algorithms with NO programming skills. Genetic algorithms can very efficiently do this work instead of you!

You will also get 5 of our own unique EasyLanguage automated system codes that has been trading by our professionals for several years (Please see the results of these strategies above).

We will teach you how to work in detail with the TradeStation platform and help you set up an account with this broker as well, which can be up to 12 months free of charge! Here you will find the fundamental benefits of a professional TradeStation platform that other trading platforms do not offer.

During the SUPERIOR online class we will give you valuable know-how and detailed manual with screenshots in which you will find a specific step-by-step approach. We have great references from all our graduates.

Regarding algorithmic trading software we will teach you how to use the necessary software tools such as: TradeStation, Adaptrade Builder, Microsoft Excel, Market System Analyzer.

Moreover, You will learn how to use advanced robustness tests correctly. Robustness tests are given the most attention. Based on our experiences they are very important in trading. It is a pity that they are always underestimated by many traders. Thus, If we can give you an advice: “Do not hesitate to expand your knowledge in this key area of ​​trading.”

You will learn how to put your algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) into live trading and how to continually monitor ATS performance as well.

Last but not least, We will recommend you how to properly build ATS portfolio to diversify risk and maximize potential earnings in our the most professional variant of the online class which is “Superior“. We have realized during the years we have been teaching algorithmic trading that this issue is often quite misunderstood by traders. That is why we came forward with this topic.

Our online class participants always get a specific procedure with our unique software solution to maximize the efficiency of the portfolio building to ensure the highest possible diversification.

However, I emphasize that the prerequisite for any of our online class participant is the orientation in the fundamentals of how to exchange markets function in general. If you do not know the difference between long and short positions, the principle of buying and selling futures contracts, etc., you can not be prepared well for this course. In such a case, it would be useful to familiarize yourself first with our Handbook of Successful Exchange Trading. Just register to our website here and you will get an access to download it.


“Is it possible to contact you by e-mail with additional questions?”

Sure, each participant of the online class is entitled to email us for the 6 months period from the date of buying the course. In case of any ambiguity, participants will be able to clarify through this support everything which is not so clear and they will not have to waste their  time with time-consuming searching of information. On the other hand, we are proud of our educational materials where everything is dicribed step-by-step, so that really each of our client will be able to understand discribed procedures of building winning algorithmic trading strategies.


“Do you provide participants of the online class the authentic algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) codes you are trading by yourselves?”

Yes, we do not know any reason why not. However, it is necessary to take into account that these codes are for study purposes only. It is necessary to realize that even if all active traders used our ATS, it would be an utterly negligible number of total volume of traded futures contracts. For this reason, there can be virtually no distorted edge – the highly viable profitability of these ATS.


“Will I be ready to start live trading immediately after passing the course when I get your robust algorithmic trading strategies (ATS)?”

We will show you in our online class how to build, trade, and monitor ATS in live trading. Whether you’re ready for live trading or not always depends on many factors. In the first place, you need to be sure that you really understand how the market you are going to trade on it behaves. If you do not perceive your ATS, you are in serious trouble, because you will not be mentally prepared to trade these strategies. Other important condition how to achieve potential successful trading is whether you have a trading system that is properly verified by all different robustness tests. It would be most appropriate for you to test your strategies yourselves, thus you will increase a probability you can rely on them  during live trading. All the robustness testing tools we’ve been using for years now are explained in detail throughout our “Advanced” and “Superior” online class.


“You teach also about another robustness testing methods that we can not do in either the TradeStation or Multicharts. Why is it worth doing more robustness tests and not only the Cluster Walk Forward analysis? “

The key to trading success is sophisticated robustness tests. Of course, we agree that robustness testing in the form of Cluster Walk Forward analysis is a very valuable tool. On the other hand, it is very important to verify your algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) with other important robustness tests that are not available on either the TradeStation platform or the MultiCharts platform. The methodologies and their application regarding ATS robustness testing are presented throughout our “Advanced” and “Superior” online class.

Please check the detailed program of “Advanced” or “Superior” online class if you are interested in more details.


“Codes are passed in the EasyLanguage format, which is applicable to TradeStation and Multicharts. What happen that I will not understand code structure as absolute “non-programmer”? “

Many traders think that in order to be able to trade algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) you must necessarily focus on programming. This is utter nonsense. Yes, it is important to understand codes in the EasyLanguage programming language. But it is really easy for everyone, even for those like our lecturer Petr Tmej who had nothing to do with programming before and he learnt it very quickly. Thus, all one chapter within the online class “Advanced” or “Superior” is devoted to explaining the code principles of one of the best ATS we’ve ever created using genetic algorithms.

After passing our online class, you will not only be able to apply these ATS codes independently to the markets and test their robustness, but you will be even able to really understand them. Therefore,  you can become more confident and you will have a chance to managed your live trading better from the psychological point of view.


“What are the strengths of the algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) codes you are trading with?

One of our philosophy of futures trading is to trade so-called long/short symmetric ATS that can adapt to continuously changing conditions of the market. This means that they are so-called self-adaptive. These ATS work well on both long and short sides in backtests. Moreover, there is approximately the same number of long or short-term trades and similar performance characteristics as well. One of the ATS you get in our online class has a huge success in the Cluster Walk Forward analysis. It shows excellent trading results (30 x  it has PASSED) on different time frames from 5 min to 60 min for the TF (E-mini S & P 500), YM (e-mini Dow Jones) and NQ (e-mini NASDAQ 100).

Advanced traders can assess also included equity curve, performance summary, and the results of the Cluster Walk Forward analysis of the ATS which is presented during our online class. This is ATS that has strong robustness across all US stock index markets. This ATS has demonstrated robustness and symmetric performance on both long and short sides.

Moreover, this strategy has demonstrated also excellent results in Cluster Walk Forward analysis for multiple timeframes from 5min to 60min.

Extreme robustness is, after all, the main reason why we use this ATS in our live trading.

Fig. 1 Performance summary, equity curve and Cluster Walk forward analysis of one of our ATS for the Russell 2000 e-mini market


“Is it a difficult issue to build custom ATS in Adaptrade Builder by using genetic algorithms? “

The usage of Adaptrade Builder is excellently intuitive. The most difficult is just to invent how to set this software up to generate a robust ATS that you can use for live trading. We can assure you, that during the online class we will show you a precise and concrete way how to generate a plenty of potentially robust ATS. This procedure is based on many years of intense studies.

It is a paradox that that we can relay this know-how easily in a matter of hours, because it is easy to set up all important elements in Adaptrade Builder.


“Do you provide any manual within the online class which clients can use for study purposes? How much detailed is the manual?”

Of course, after buying the online class each participant immediately receive on the email link with recordings of the last webinar. Moreover, each participant can also download from its account our manual in PDF form with many screenshots and detailed description of procedure of where, how and what to click on step-by step.

It is such a “cookbook” that should also help beginners to get to know the issue, as you will have to follow step-by-step description to set up what you need. Based on the detailed explanations, you will learn how to do things mechanically and how to proceed correctly from the beginning. Then you can add your own inventions.

You have to count on intensive process of studying. You can spend by studying a few days if you will work very hard and intense. Otherwise it could last also several months if you will devote to studying the issue only a few hours per week. This is up to you and your possibilities and commitment. Regarding live trading, these things should not been rushed unnecessarily.


“I enter orders in the exchange manually. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this approach compared to the algorithmic (automatic/automated) trading you teach within the online class? “

Please read the article: ”14. Why Algorithmic Trading Approach Is Better than Discretionary. Here we describe all the reasons why algorithmic trading can be the right choice for you.


“I am in the construction, optimization and live trading of robust ATS already advanced trader. How can I benefit from a course? “

We are convinced that advanced traders can regard as a key advantage of our online class especially advanced robustness tests that complement the Cluster Walk Forward analysis.

Additionally, each participant get the unique ATS codes which we trade successfully on stock indices futures markets.

Moreover, participants will learn about our unique methods which can be used to assess the ongoing ATS performance of live trading. This can helps to identify a necessity for your ATS modification or substitution for another robust ATS before the worst possible maximum drawdown happens based on Monte Carlo analyzes.

We can also recommend advanced traders to apply for individual consultation where tailored-made program can reflect their specific needs.

Thus, individual consultation is rather suitable for more advanced traders who would be interested in specific aspects of our trading approach.


“Do you provide any bonuses to online class participants?”

Please find below what our participants always receive:

1) Immediate access to recordings from the last online class. After purchasing you can watch these videos from your account on

2) Access to Live webinar which is led by proffesional trader and hedge fund co-founder Petr Tmej: you can ask him any questions

2) Unique EasyLanguage strategy code for 1, 3 or 5 of our robust live-trading strategies:

SUPERIOR: 1) E-mini Rusell 2000, 2) Gold, 3) Platinum,  4) Euro FX, 5) Palladium



ADVANCED: 1) E-mini Rusell 2000, 2) Gold, 3) Platinum,

BASIC: 1) E-mini Rusell 2000

Please see the results of these strategies on the figures above. The number of strategies you will get depends on the variant of the online class. As you know you can choose from:Basic”, “Advanced” and “Superior” which is the most favourite one, because it is the most complex solution for the majority of your clients (based on our experiences). After purchasing you can download these strategies from your account on

3) Detailed manual  in PDF with specific and detailed step-by-step procedures and screenshots. After purchasing you can download this detailed manual from your account on

4) Unique programmed solution for robustness testing and portfolio composition

5) Extended trials and discounts on TradeStation (platform free for 12 months), Adaptrade Builder software and other tools used during the course. Each of our client gets automatically TradeStation platform free for 12 moths after opening a brokerage account with TradeStation. Moreover, if you use offer code AOSTRADING you will get 100 on the great Adaptrade Builder Software.

4) Full email support for six months from the date you buy. We guarantee you to answer your question in max 48 hours. Since we appreciate your interest we are always here for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


“After purchasing the online class will I get immediately access to it?”

Yes, after purchasing the online class you will immediately get access to the recordings from the last online class. That’s great, isn’t it? Thus, you can start studying and preparing your questions for the live webinar led by our experienced lecturer Petr Tmej – the professional trader and co-founder of  QuantOn Solutions hedge fund.

Moreover, you will be able to immediately download the detailed manual from directly your account on 

Beyond that, you get unique EasyLanguage strategy code for 1, 3 or 5 of our robust live-trading strategies. If you choose “Basic” variant of the online class you will receive 1 strategy. “Advanced” variant of the online class includes 3 strategies and “Superior”  variant offers even 5 strategies.

You are also welcome to participate in the nearest live webinar. If the nearest live webinar date does not suit you, do not worry, just let us know (please contact us at: and you can participate in any other live webinar.:-)

Petr Tmej