ABOUT US is run by a team of professional traders who are fascinated by algorithmic trading and its unlimited opportunities. We have been live trading since the beginning of 2013 with great results.

We created our BASIC, ADVANCED and SUPERIOR online classes because we want you to avoid making the same mistakes we made during the years of studying markets and live trading. We want to share with you what we have learnt so far – our knowledge, experiences, and strategy building etc. to accelerate your progress. There is just one basic condition you have to fulfil – you must really want it!

Today we understand that successful trading is first of all based on a scientific approach. That’s why we say that these courses are really suitable for everyone who wants to be systematic and profitable in the financial markets.

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The trader, the co-founder of hedge fund QuantOn Solutions, the lecturer in one person who has been successfully trading US futures via algorithmic trading systems (ATS) for many years. He is the main “brain” of the team Petr´s mission is to provide relevant and necessary knowledge and skills in ATS trading to his clients so that they can become successful traders too. In 2009, Peter graduated from the Technical University of Ostrava, Department of Quality Control. The studies were mainly focused on Probability Theory and Statistical Processes. If you would like to get know more about his background and how the trading influenced his life you can find his story here.
Peter honestly describes there all his trading journey. Furthermore, he reveals also his past and present trading results. His story can be quite inspiring for you since he began trading with very low initial investment. Nowadays, he can
enjoy the success he has already achieved in live trading with his hedge fund QuantOn Solutions.


The owner and inventor of Adaptrade
 which uses genetic programming to auto-generate trading systems for stocks, futures, and forex and Market System Analyzer (MSA) – a money management application that applies different position sizing and money management rules to trading strategies and portfolios of market systems. Dr. Bryant earned a BS degree in engineering from the University of Connecticut and MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from the
University of Wisconsin-Madison with a minor in computer science. After working
in the aerospace industry in the field of spacecraft design for three years, he
held faculty positions for 11 years in the departments of Ophthalmology and
Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California. Dr. Bryant has
traded the futures markets through his own account and previously managed money
as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) for several years. In addition to Adaptrade
Software, he also operated Breakout Futures, which offered trading systems for
the futures markets.

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Thank you for all your hard work in putting this class together and providing us with the links. This was definitely the best course I have taken and i appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Everything that you shared with us was exceptional and in great detail. It is very hard to find good courses in the U.S. about automated trading, so you definitely exceeded my expectations……Thank you!
Jason P., Merrillville, USA
I found the course comprehensive, with a very well thought out methodology for evaluating trading strategies in different but logical steps with the ultimate target to dig out those strategies that will hold up in real life trading. In my previous trading experience many promising systems did not hold up in life trading but lost the edge after some weeks or months. I am certain that by applying the advanced methods for evaluation ( and creation ) of strategies the chances for improved trading results will increase dramatically. However I would not say it is a beginners course – altough the basic principles of Multicharts are covered. It is an advanced course which requires a lot of reflection and due diligence work to fully utilise the potential.
René A., Sweden
The course fulfilled my expectations to 100%. Tuition was professional and comprehensible. Everything I was clearly explained and there was a sufficient space for questions. The course contained everything I expected! The quality of the course was higher compared with other companies´ courses which I attended before. Everything was more clearly explained than in other courses of a similar type.
Andy, Czech Republic


AOStrading is a website of the team leader and founder Petr Tmej. He had created it before he decided to get all of our professional team members together and built the Algotrading Academy. Petr has been successfully engaged in the US exchange trading for a number of years and he specializes in developing robust algorithmic trading strategies (ATS). Moreover, he has gained many valuable experiences as a cofounder of the hedge fund QuantOn Solutions. Petr has been teaching in his online webinars, individual or group courses how to grasp the issue of algorithmic trading correctly and systematically.

AOStrading web


LYNX has been awarded 13 times as the best broker. Markets in Europe, America, Asia and Australia are all accessible. You can trade in stocks, options, futures, forex and ETFs. This very sophisticated tool enables execution of algorithmic trading systems (ATS) through MultiCharts. These ATS are programmed in the EasyLanguage language the programming environment of which is part of the MultiCharts. The biggest advantage of the platform is that you can perform quality robustness tests in it. The MultiCharts platform offers electronic order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor and automate their own custom equities, options and futures trading strategies.

LYNX web

Adaptrade Builder

Adaptrade Builder automatically develops complete algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) based on evolutionary algorithms. The ATS codes use rule-based, price-pattern, and neural network trading logic. The software generates ATS codes for programming languages and platforms for trading, including EasyLanguage for MultiCharts, TradeStation, MQL4 for MetaTrader 4, NinjaScript for NinjaTrader 7, and AFL for Amibroker. The trader does not need to know the principles of programming. It is a very very complex and intuitive program at the same time.

Adaptrade Builder web